Frequently Asked Questions is a research platform that empowers you to fully understand trends, transactions and what’s next via tracking startup ecosystem. has more than 110 tags. Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Insurtech, Autotech, Adtech, Edutech and Foodtech are just some of them. You can list private tech companies and corporate ventures with these tags, see how they're doing, whether they’ve received investment, whether they've been acquired, whether they're shut down, and more.
With the dashboard, you can list startups, founders, investors' portfolios, startup valuations, startup acquisitions, science parks and acceleration programs’ startup portfolios. You can also download all the reports, infographics and charts. You can also export a limited amount of startup, investment, acquisition data as an Excel file.
We’re the most accurate platform for Turkey since we verify all transaction data with the chamber of commerce data. Besides, our focus and continuous exchange of information with our ecosystem stakeholders make us perfect.
We constantly receive data about startups from investors, technoparks, acceleration programs and incubation centers. We also examine data from official institutions and constantly enter information. Entrepreneurs themselves also add startups from scratch. Investment data, on the other hand, usually comes to us from entrepreneurs and investors, and if it is not yet listed in the chamber of commerce website, we temporarily enter the information we receive, and then we update the information retrospectively when the official figures are listed in the chamber of commerce website.
Technically you can download all the data, but legal action is taken against those who download all the data. Therefore, if you are doing a research, we recommend that you go through a sample.
From the "Investors" section, you can go to the "Investment Firms" tab and select the verticals under "tags" from the filters to see which verticals investors are interested in. However, since generalist funds invest in everything, the best method is to look at the past investments of active funds.
If you are a verified startup, you can see the investors' application email on the verified investors' page. You should not use their email except for the investment application. We recommend you send them an email similar to this one.
No, we do not send mass emails to anyone or share email information. But verified startups can show a general email of their startup on their page so that investors can reach them. We do not interfere with that part.
This platform contains information about the funds, their fund size, ticket size, areas of interest, current investments, exits and GP information. However, if they have not officially shared this information anywhere or have not forwarded it to us, we leave those fields blank.
Our data is constantly being updated. The only task of 2 people in our team all day is to update data. As new information becomes available and new capital increases are made in the Trade Registry, historical data is constantly updated.
Dashboard (Limited access for free subscription) ; Weekly Reports, Infographics, Ecosystem Maps (With free subscription, you can only list and download free reports) ; Quarterly Events (1 seat for PRO members, 8 seats for ENTERPRISE members)
Our global subscriber base ranges from venture capital firms to big corporations and entrepreneurs disrupting the status quo. Our subscribers span a broad range of various industries: Internet, Technology, Media, Telecom, Retail, Consulting, Advertising & Marketing, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Venture Capital, Financial Institutions, Corporate Banks, Investment Firms, Non-profits, Universities and Academic Institutions, and Government Agencies.
Entrepreneurs can claim their startup, and if they are looking for investment for their startup, they can be listed for free on the startups looking for investment page, as well as get the contact details of verified investors and send them emails.
Investors can claim their investment firms and become verified investors. This gives them access to pitches from startups looking for investment. They can also use the deal flow management tool to better manage the startups they meet with.
You can only list startups and download free reports via free subscription. With PRO and ENTERPRISE subscription, you can fully access all features in the dashboard. ENTERPRISE subscription is for teams/groups and departments. With the API package, you can write code to use the data for internal purposes within your own company.
Large firms use it for business development and market research, entrepreneurs use it to understand and better reach investors, and investors use it to find startups.
We currently accept online payment via credit card and bank transfer. We invoice you through our company based in Istanbul, Turkey.
We have monthly and yearly subscription. In both types, your membership is not automatically renewed.
After you become an enterprise member, 8 people from your company need to register to the site with free membership. You can then add their email addresses of these people to your Enterprise account. If you send an email to after the 8 people you want to add become a free member of the site, we can add them quickly.
You can use the data you extract for your research or for your intranet, as long as you don't use it on a public platform.
You can test many functions as a free member of the site or look at the sample pages here.
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